A diverse workplace creates perspective

Benefits of a diverse workplace

If everyone thinks and acts in the same way, no business can ever thrive. Creating a diverse workplace in today’s market is crucial and holds the ultimate key to success. True diversity is much more than just a word, it is company culture and shared passion. It leads the way to genuine advancement, broader customer reach and business growth. It also creates an inclusive and rewarding place to work!

Why a diverse workplace is preferred

Employing a diverse workforce provides an enormous competitive edge. It also gives a company a distinct advantage in recruiting and retaining the very best staff. Having a broad range of employees creates a vibrant environment that can relate to and interact with a large global client base. It also fosters strong customer, worker and community loyalty. Ingraining this diversity throughout the basic culture of a business means that individual talent will always be recognised and developed. The rewards impact across every area of the business. New attitudes, expertise and language skills bring increased creativity and productivity. These then drive the conception of new ideas, new processes and new solutions that can deliver cutting edge innovation.

However, real diversity does not just address the standard balance of nationality, gender and ethnic group. It also encompasses age, life experience, personality, working style, language and background. A team of individuals with different outlooks will balance ideas and perspectives. They offer different skill sets, knowledge and experiences. When different ideas, suggestions and feedback are combined, it provides the basis for some unique creative stimulation. It also produces the best way of finding solutions and solving any problems. Collaboration in a team with differing strengths and belief systems will produce some amazing results. Fostering a diverse workplace and developing it as an inclusive core culture makes a company more relatable. Employees thrive and become self-motivated and passionate about their products and their work.

Hiring for cultural fit AND a diverse workforce!

The most talented workers seek out diversity because they want to enjoy their work and realise their ideas. Recruitment in an inclusive culture is about what individual value can be added to the team, not just a particular job role. It is about identifying gaps and finding the best person for the balance of the team as a whole. Diversity in the workplace is much more than filling vacancies or quotas. It is about building a balanced and effective team that is as culturally diverse as your customers. Then it is about inspiring, nurturing and using those individual differences to drive your business efficiently.

Inclusion and diversity do not end with recruitment. A diverse workforce will not remain distinct and offer benefits if each individual is not constantly valued and developed. The company needs to embrace these differences and maintain a core culture of “diversity of thought” Performance management, personal development and collective differences need constant attention. Managers, in particular, need to be able to provide feedback in an individually appropriate cultural style. For these reasons, the culture must envelop the entire workforce and always be a priority. To retain a talented workforce, it is not enough to say the words. Diversity in the workplace is part of the company brand and is simply a way of life.

Enjoy a creative and diverse workplace with the Wordapp team

Wordapp, based in Turkey and Sweden, is a growing team of creative, problem-solving polyglots and disruptive innovators. We like to design amazing Apps and are in the process of revolutionising the world of language-processing. Our team is developing advanced technology that will change online content writing and publishing methods forever. It will also let writers monetize their language assets. We are an International team who continually share our different ideas, challenging and learning together. We believe in the success of our product and work hard to get the job done. Using Scrum software, everybody has the shared responsibility to meet our deadlines. Our working environment is inclusive, friendly, inspiring and rewarding. We enjoy flexible working hours, happy holidays, team lunches and fun times. Best of all we get to work in Istanbul, one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world.

Check out our open positions

Wordapp is growing rapidly and we are constantly increasing our team of talent. Diversity is central to how we work, how we plan and how we see the future. We are looking for people with vision, excitement, ambition or great ideas. People who can communicate a concept and transfer their experience to developing our software. People who want to speak English and would relish working in the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul. People who like a challenge. Check out the latest vacancies on the Wordapp career page today or drop us a line! Wordapp also has freelance writing jobs available in more than 25 languages.

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