Wordapp Culture

Founded in 2015, Wordapp is a software startup company with our main office in Istanbul, Turkey. Comprised of a team of creatives, problem-solvers, polyglots and disruptive innovators designing a new product that lets people monetize their language assets. Our growing international team is working very hard to revolutionize the world of freelancing and the internet!

Our roots lay in a content and translation company called Copypanthers. The main problem we had in Copypanthers was scaling our operations to the next level. Clients were too dependent on us to manage projects, giving us a lot of ‘manual’ work that no one else wanted to do (and what we were earning money on). It was always a struggle to find enough freelancers and learn them how to do the job properly. We didn’t want anyone to do ‘boring’ work anymore. We needed software.

With Wordapp we three ‘secrets’ that help us scale.

  1. Rules: online content needs rules to work, meta titles can for example only be a certain number of characters long and should always start with the focus keyword. Without Wordapp it takes probably 50-100 words of instructions to explain why and how a writer should do this, next to that you always have to check if it is done correctly. Wordapp has built-in rules to make sure no one can do this wrong again. The same goes for HTML markup, how to do an internal link, etc. It’s all automated in Wordapp.
  2. Workflow: without Wordapp people write their content in Google Docs, MS Word or something similar. To get the task from one freelancer to an editor requires Dropbox, Google Drive or email. To keep track of who did what you need an Excel sheet to write down who is earning what. With Wordapp all of this is gone, out built-in workflow makes it easy and painless to manage this process.
  3. Language: Everyone spends hours and hours learning a language, but never monetizing it. It’s hard to work as a freelancer, you need to spend time reading and understanding instructions, you need to learn complicated workflows, etc. With Wordapp it becomes easy to just work 1 hour a month and get paid, you even get automated invoices.

Right now we are 16 people at the office, half developers and half people in our operations team.

What we are all about:

We are international

Wordapp culture is truly international. While working at Wordapp, you are part of talented international and multicultural team. On a daily basis, you can hear scores of different languages at the office and conversations from all the corners of the world. Whether you speak Boolean, PHP or Swedish, you will feel at home at Wordapp.

We love using technology to solve our problems

The first thing anyone who needs to do a boring task does at the company is ask Google to see if there is a faster (automated) way. We love finding new tools to make our life simpler. 

We’re a fast-moving internet company

Working online is a bit different from regular offline jobs. We love terms like lean, conversion, A/B testing and understand that anyone can try a test and get results fast so that we can make better decisions. When we talk about the future, we talk about 2-4 months from now.

We know ourselves well

Working in a small company, you need to know extremely well what you’re good at and what not. If you know yourself you can make sure other people cover your weaknesses.

We feel (and are) responsible

Everyone at the company has stock options, everyone has to pull their own weight. If you show up for a meeting late, if you don’t do what you told you would do, it means someone else has to do it for you. There is no place to hide. The best thing about working with Wordapp is that you can be part of some really big new ideas, on the other hand working in a small company it also means that sometimes you have to do really boring tasks. Ask anyone about copy-pasting data for 4 hours straight or having to manually update the instructions on 300 tasks and they can tell you some stories.

Do you want to be a part of our culture?

We are always growing and looking for new talents. Take a look at our open positions and see if there is a spot suitable for you at Wordapp. We are looking forward to receiving your application!


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